Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. We are not venture capitalists. Our mission is to strengthen and put your invention in a better position to give you a better chance of surviving or getting funding.
No. Our events and tours are open to anyone. Whether you are a student, retired, jobless, or employed, you are welcome1.

1 Under Ministry of Education guidelines, if you are under 16 years old or still in secondary school, under Ministry of Education guidelines, any overseas trip must be accompanied by your guardian or teacher.

You don't have to. Singapore is a small nation and we are not publicly funded. So we support every nationality1.

1 Preferably those based in Singapore

Sorry. We do not believe in mythical creatures. There are hordes of agencies and VCs that can help you since they keep talking about it. We are confident that you will find one that will help you.
No. There is no monetary award for joining international invention shows. The objectives of joining are to showcase, network, and learn from each other. Monetary awards could undermine these objectives as innovators may see themselves as competitors rather than potential partners.