Bringing Casts into the Future

Castomize is revolutionizing the orthopedic casting and splinting space globally with 4D-printed orthopedic casts. Our casts are created using proprietary materials, design, and manufacturing methods. For patients, our casts are more comfortable as they are more than 5 times lighter than traditional casting options, fully waterproof, and fully breathable, all while speeding up their healing.

For doctors and nurses, our cast require less time, effort, and external tools when applying and removing casts compared to conventional casting options.

As our cast is also feasible to be applied in first-aid scenarios, we appeal to military and emergency aid users as well, along with users from lesser developed countries.


Singapore - Indonesia


Jiayee Teo



NRCT Special Award

Gold Award by the Manila Young Inventors Association

International Best Gold Award by the Hong Kong Student Invention

Special Award by the Egyptian Society for Women & Youth Inventors